• Don't Let AWKWARD POSING Ruin Your Client Experience!

Photographers…. if you don’t read ANYTHING ELSE this week on my blog… read this! : You may not even be aware of how you are hurting your own business!! This sounds harsh but it’s true! Over the last 8 years in business as a full time wedding photographer, I have realized that I WIN OVER my clients during their first time in front of my camera. This means that the way I POSE, DIRECT and create an INVITING EXPERIENCE is literally the way I create raving fans. What do raving fans do? They bring me more business!! For FREE!

Posing education isn’t simply about how to dip the shoulders and twist the hips…. it’s about learning how to MARKET through the CLIENT EXPERIENCE that you create! I cannot tell you HOW MANY PHOTOGRAPHERS are oblivious to how their POSING HABITS are HURTING their business. We see this at conferences, during styled shoots, and mostly during our workshops! There are SIMPLE but enormously influential aspects of the POSING EXPERIENCE that a lot of photographers NEVER provide for their clients during shoots and it can honestly be one of the greatest downfalls of their business!!!

We’ve decided that instead of just holding this information for our workshop attendees, we’re going to share this info with the masses in a FREE ONLINE CLASS! This class takes place TOMORROW and since it’s FREE and it’s education that we stand by and believe in within our OWN BUSINESS…. I would tune in if I were you!!! You have nothing to lose! We’re going to be gathering online tomorrow evening at 8pm EST with hundreds (and potentially thousands!) of other photographers who will be learning “5 Ways Posing is Ruining Your Client Experience… and how to fix it!”


This class isn’t just for new photographers or experienced photographers… it’s for everyone! If you ever have people in front of your camera in a professional setting, you NEED to know this stuff!!!! Don’t miss out while hundreds of others are learning this information for FREE! It’s available to anyone and everyone who will join us LIVE!!!

And this is important…. you MUST JOIN US LIVE because we have an exiting announcement!!!! WE’RE GIVING AWAY FREE ONE-ON-ONE COACHING at the end of the webinar!! If you haven’t heard, we’re PREGNANT and so I’m not doing one-on-one coaching until 2017 so this is a RARE opportunity and there are over a hundred photographers on the waiting list for this! So, tune in LIVE, learn how your client experience can be transformed before your VERY NEXT SHOOT and you also will have a chance to win FREE COACHING!!!!


xoxo, Katelyn
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