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October 2018

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I'm Katelyn James Alsop, a photographer, educator and momma who believes any photographer can have a profitable AND purposeful business.


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A wintery boston wedding

w/ inside, dark ceremony


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Well you may wonder why I’m sharing about these two workshops from the fall in March…. that’s what happens when you are pregnant and then right after the workshops, you travel to speak at two conferences while simultaneously prepping to launch a massive Business Course for photographers. Oh, and help start a new service at your church and perform at a big Jazz Production that has five shows and then a couple of weeks later, it’s Christmas! Oh my gosh! What a whirlwind!

I’m currently in the final stretch of this pregnancy and I’m working hard to get my to-do list done!!! Highlighting these two workshops is something that I have been wanting to do for quite some time but it’s taken me some time to actually get it done!

I have to say, these two workshop were two of the most memorable and joyful ones that we have ever hosted! Maybe it was because we knew that these were our final workshops for a while or maybe it was just because our home was filled with the most amazing people…. maybe it was a combination of the two. We are currently in a season where our family is growing and we know that in this season, workshops have come to a close. We still use our home for industry events and client gatherings and many other things, but for right now, we’ve closed the doors to workshops and it has been an amazing journey that has brought us to this point!

I have to say a HUGE thank you to our team….

Michael, Emy, Momma (Mimi), Bobbi (Grammie), Morgan (Momo) and Claire!! You all make this process so much fun and you take so much stress off of me!! You were a gift to all of us!

KAT…. you are a lifesaver! Kat Schmoyer of Dear Sweetheart Events designed and planned not one but BOTH styled shoots and this was such a blessing to us! I love working with talented friends!! We had past clients as models for both shoots and it felt like one big reunion seeing everyone!! We even had past KJ Brides as bridesmaids!!! It was just the best!!

Meet group one!! These women are from all over the country and I just love them!! They filled our home with so much joy!! It’s so amazing that after just 48 hours together, you can start to feel like a family!!  Evy was so tiny!!!! That Romper doesn’t even fit!  This shoot was just gorgeous! From the colors to the florals by Courtney Inghram to the custom Alsop Family Crest by Jessica Marie! Here’s a full list of the amazing people and businesses that contributed to making this shoot happen!!:

Planning: Dear Sweetheart Events

Florals & Silk Ribbon: Courtney Ingrham

HMU: Glo Out Glamour Bar

Paper Details & Calligraphy: Simply Jessica Marie

Rentals: Paisley & Jade

Cakes: Sorby Sweets

Bridal Gown: Bridal Impressions

Bridesmaids Dresses: Rent the Runway

Models: Rob & Heather, Jessica, Emily

Thank you Rob and Heather for being our models! Surprise! Heather was pregnant here! We both were pregnant but it was so early on. I told my workshop girls that I was pregnant just because it was already so hard to hide it!!! Heather looked amazing and if she felt bad, you never would have known it!  They were amazing!  Thank you Jessica and Emily for modeling!!! Jessica JUST got married a few weeks prior to this shoot and Em has modeled previously for a KJ Workshop (and was a DSE Bride too!!). I’m always so honored when past couples volunteer to model for us!!!

Look at this beautiful group of girls!!! This was the sweetest group to end our Workshop season with!!! They were so full of life and excitement!! Our living room was one happy place to be when they were here and it’s always so sad to see them go!!!  These people!! They are amazing!!! I photographed Sharon and Chase’s wedding back in 2011!! They are KJ classics!!! They are also incredible people with an amazing story. I could listen to Sharon laugh all day. Emily and Jess are two KJ Brides (and past Workshop models!) that I just adore and still pinch myself sometimes that we got to be the ones who captured their days!! The only thing that could have made this better was if Mark and Bob and the babies could have been there!!! :)

Kat did an amazing job with this shoot as well and I can’t thank her enough for being willing to take all of this on the MONTH before she hosted a Creative at Heart Conference!! She’s incredible!! These are the amazing vendors I need to thank for this shoot!!! :

Planning: Dear Sweetheart Events

Models: Sharon & Chase Hundley, Emily Gerald, Jessica May

Bridal Gown: Chantilly Lace Bridals

Bridesmaids Dresses: Rent the Runway

Hair: Glam by Dana

Makeup: Angela Sutak

Flowers: Our dear friend Amanda Veronee!!! A KJ Classic workshop vendor!

Ribbon: Courtney Inghram

Rentals: Paisley & Jade

Paper and Calligraphy: Sincerely Amy Designs

Cake: Sorby Sweets

Thanks for reading!

— Katelyn

Leah + Hunter A Classic Commonwealth Club Wedding | Richmond, Va

The day started with bubbly personalities and bubbly drinks in the historic Linden Row house in downtown Richmond. I walked in, found Leah and then one by one I met her amazing bridesmaids. From the moment I met them all, I knew this was going to be a fun day, not lacking any energy! I loved the way this day started…. however, it got even better the moment dad walked in.


It’s an exciting day in Youtube land! We have just launched a brand new series that we’re really excited about!!!! So often when I’m going through KJ All Access episodes and editing our behind the scenes coverage of our wedding days, I find myself noticing a lot of scenarios that require a lot of thought and problem solving in order to create a FINAL image that I love!!


Creating a Soft Image in a Harsh Environment New Youtube Series!


Matt + Abby | Married A Classic Middleburg Portrait Session

Gosh it feels good to do what I love to do again! This was my first shoot back since maternity leave ended and I loved every minute of it! I have known Matt and Abby for years and years and so while this was a true portrait session with paying clients and outfit changes, etc…. it was also a shoot with dear friends and it was wonderful to spend some time with them!


How to Document Your own Birth Using the R6 to Film Our 4th Baby’s Birth!

First of all, let me just say, I do NOT endorse not hiring a professional birth photographer! As you read this, keep in mind that I desperately wanted to have my friend and fellow photographer Jill with me during my fourth birth. I was heartbroken that she wasn’t allowed to be there!


Have you ever showed up for a wedding or a portrait session and took one look at the location and thought…. “You’ve got to be kidding me!!! How am I going to make this work?!” I have. I have had so many scenarios in my career where I have thought….“Ok, how in the world am I going to make this lousy location work as a great portrait location!!?”.


Tips for Dealing with Lousy Locations How to make a poor portrait location work!


Student Spotlight April 2021

It still feels surreal to tell people about what we do for a living. We photograph weddings and we teach other people how to photograph weddings. It’s quite literally a dream job for a creative like myself who loves people! Every month when we do these Student Spotlights, I’m reminded all over again how much of a privilege it is to be a part of these photographer’s lives and play a small role in their stories.




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A wintery boston wedding

w/ inside, dark ceremony

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"Recently signed up for KJ All Access and it's EVERYTHING!”

- Kassidy Mowery, ALL-ACCESS MEMBER

"SO worth it! It's amazing the amount of knowledge you get out of them!”

- Brittany Lowe, ALl ACCESS MEMBER

"I learned just as much in one All Access as I did in a whole course! SO GOOD!"

- Joanna Krueger, ALL-ACCESS MEMBER
10 Steps to Starting Your Photography Business
Helping a friend survive a season of Infant Loss
How to photograph a first look in Harsh Light
A Lake Como Destination Wedding - Greg and Kate
A Letter to the Go-Getters fearful of Motherhood

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