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Where am I right now? I’m in PA. What was I doing at this time yesterday? I was hanging out with workshop attendees in our loving room. What am I doing tomorrow? A DC engagement shoot. It’s crazy…. and I never want to be the person that “Wears “BUSY” like a badge of honor”. We’ve all seen that quote pinned a bazillion times. I’m not sharing this because I want the world to know I’m super busy… I’m sharing this because I realized something today. I have always struggled with work/life balance. Am I really working too much? Should I go on vacation with my family even though I have 2 weddings to blog this week?

Should Michael and I go to the farm to visit Bud and Jill even when we’re not caught up on everything at the office? Should we drive 5 hours to PA in a monsoon to surprise my sister at her bridal shower?? The answer is yes. 100 times yes. Why? Because people matter more that pictures.  NEVER once have I regretted a decision to spend quality time with the people I love.  But I have regretted not being present and available.  Sure, there are repercussions of taking the day off to travel to PA… just look at my inbox! Yikes! But as I look back at all of the times I’ve decided to walk away from WORK to share life with people I love, those moments are memories I will never regret. Seeing Emy’s reaction when she turned around and realized I drove up just to surprise her was more than enough to convince me that this was the right decision.

Normally, after workshops, I’m dead to the world. (To be honest, I probably look dead to the world right about now!!) I’m exhausted and tired and so is Michael but sometimes there are things you just need to do…. and driving up here was one of those things. I’m so thankful for an evening with Emy and then a double date with her and Joe!! So while rest is VITAL to our health and I know we need it, I think sometimes there can be some exceptions. Michael and I will catch up on sleep next week when we’re in BERMUDA!!! That’s right! We’re going on Vacation!! … In the middle of wedding season. Why? Because we’ve never gone on a vacation with just Michael’s parents and we had an opportunity to so we’re taking it!! It’s going to be a little crazy these next few days prepping to be gone while still maintaining our normal workload… but I just keep reminding myself…. people over pictures… people over pictures. It’s a good reminder… so if you’re trying to decide if you can do that lunch date with your college roommate… or swing by your parents house this weekend… or go to that shower for a co-worker… DO IT.  This is the best way to find work/life balance…. just simply making PEOPLE a priority over PICTURES.  :) Have a fabulous day friends!!! xoxoxo

xoxo, Katelyn
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