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motivation behind this wedding wednesday besides just making something “pretty” and “inspirational”.  We have guests coming over tonight for dinner…. 8th graders. I realize that out of all the guests we could have over, 8th graders are probably the most likely to NOT CARE at all about fresh flowers being in the house. Actually, they probably won’t even notice them! That’s ok, I just use any excuse I can to buy peonies because I love them! Peonies are AMAZING wedding flowers. There were some in Sharon’s Bouquet from last saturday! I’ll show you tomorrow!




So yes, this is a “pretty post” but there is something “wedding” related that brides can take away from this.  I wanted to see what it would look like to use a CAKE STAND as the foundation for a centerpiece! Decorative cake stands come in all shapes and sizes. We used this stand in our wedding to hold our smaller cakes… you can view those details HERE! It’s actually not a bad idea! I like the way the stand elevates the florals and sets them off. So if your centerpieces just aren’t cutting it, maybe you need to add a little foundation underneath to make it stand out! This stand was bought from Homegoods (aka HEAVEN) and I believe it was 11.99 or something close to that.


I’m sure you’re thinking, “Well Katelyn if I have 20 tables, I can’t spend 11.99 20 times!!) That’s a valid point. I really encourage brides out there to have different centerpieces. Have a mixture of LARGE, MEDIUM and SMALL centerpiece ideas! The LARGE centerpiece should be taller, add height to the room and include your BEST florals, then the MEDIUM tables can be a smaller display (maybe two small containers of florals on a book) and then the SMALL tables are super simple (one floral container and a few votives). So! If you wanted to use this cake stand idea but couldn’t afford it to be on ALL of your tables, just have 5 LARGE tables and incorporate them in there. It’s actually more interesting for a photographer to have different centerpieces of all sizes on the tables. We can shoot all three styles from different angles and make your reception look like detail overload!!! Just a little inside tip for ya:) Well I have things to do! Enjoy this little “pretty” post!



xoxo, Katelyn
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