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I haven’t shared something that is really quite detrimental to my business. I don’t think I’ve talked about it because I’m in denial that it’s happening. We don’t have high speed internet at the new house. We’re using a Verizon box and everything that we do online has to be through our monthly wireless data limit. Yea. NOT COOL. So what this means is that EVERY TIME that I have a large blog post or need to upload something to PASS, I’m driving somewhere else to pick up wifi that is high speed.

You can imagine my frustration. The GOOD news is that high speed internet is coming… the bad news is that it’s not coming until the neighborhood is developed more and we’ve heard it could be 4-6 months. Oh my GOSH!!! What are we going to do?!! I ask Michael all the time and he tells me not to freak out and that he’ll be the one that goes and sits somewhere to upload events. (He’s a keeper:) He does a good job of reminding me that it’s going to be ok. I can check email, proof albums and upload small blog posts from home and that’s all I really need on a daily basis. However, TODAY I’ll be leaving the house to find some high speed wifi because I’m hosting a LIVE CHAT on ShowitLive to talk about PASS and how I’m using it in my business! This is happening at 12PST and 3EST.  So join in! Who knows, I could be sitting on the side of the road… or at Wendys… or on the back deck of our old house using our renter’s internet!  We’ll see! :) Join us today in a few hours!!

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