• Party Barge Portraits

finally heading home! YAY!!! After two weeks of traveling, we’re excited to head back to our bed, see family and do laundry! Whew! Normally I overpack… but this trip is proof that sometimes all of my outfits are completely necessary! I think Michael is re-wearing clothes for the third time today! Yikes! We’ve been gone for a while and we have had such a great break from the day-to-day grind of emails, blogging, editing and more editing! In my opinion, a GREAT vacation results in a renewed energy to work again! I’m definitely feeling that… but I’m also excited for Thanksgiving break! :)

While we didn’t work on the trip, we did make time for some quick portraits on the beach when we were in Grand Cayman! And when I say “quick”… I mean like 20 minutes! I took a few portraits of each couple for a few minutes and it was so much fun. After scrolling through these I realized something…. we have GORGEOUS friends!!!! What beautiful travel buddies we had this week! Enjoy a few of my favorites from each couple!!

And a HUGE thank you to Jill and Troy and Aimee for taking so many beautiful ones of US!!! YAY!!!! We love having new portraits!!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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