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cute are these two?!! They’re adorable. And you’re going to love them even more after I explain their story.  Ben adores Cassady… so much so that he contacted me WAY before he even proposed! Cassady is in the photography business and had followed the blog… I think she has been following for a WHILE… which means she remembers the old “Inspired Designs” days.. whew! What a blast to the past! Ben scheduled an engagement session before the proposal and Cassady was blown away.  Now, it’s one thing to pre-schedule and plan ahead, but this couple did something even more amazing! …. They drove

to RICHMOND from PENNSYLVANIA for their session! WHAT?! Clearly they are the most amazing couple on the planet. I was beyond honored… I was NERVOUS! These images had to be wonderful because it wasn’t like this was a normal session!  They put so much effort into making this session happen and I loved every single minute with them.  Cassady is just as cute as can be.  When they pulled up, she waved and her excitement was almost uncontainable.  Ben is relaxed, quiet and would do ANYTHING for this girl. Absolutely anything. He loves making her happy.  We walked around downtown, dodging rain storms and trying to avoid the sound of squeaky trains coming into Main Street Station.  Cassady and Ben would do anything I asked…. and they have some super fun shots because of that.  They just love being around one another and so naturally, that makes for an amazing engagement session.   They are now PROs in front of the camera and I was so honored to be a part of their engagement.  These images capture their young, exciting love for one another and I can’t wait to show you!! Enjoy this beautiful couple and their sweet modeling skills!!!


Ben and Cas, I can’t thank you ENOUGH for coming all that way.  What a privilege it was to meet you and get to work with you!! I wish you the VERY BEST with this next year of planning!!

Really?! Second pose I try and she NAILS it!!

So cute.

Don’t you just love them already?!! And we have like 40 more images to go!

Work it girl!!

Cassady asked Ben to make these before they left…. and I’m even more impressed with him than I was before!

A favorite!

It rained and I’m not complaining…. that little shower left behind some awesome light!

I walked around the corner and said… wait…what is your date again?! Is there really a “27” painted on this column?! So fun!!

They love their school!!

Oh Lord! That hair! But I just had to show one of me and my new friend!! Cassady you’re the best!!

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