• 5 Takeaways from P31 2014

It’s only day two… and I already feel like I’ve learned enough about myself that I could come home right now and work on those issues for the next year until the next p31 conference! Whew! What a few days…. full of lots of hugs, seeing really old friends, great food, hard talks, a few tears and a few realizations! While I wish I could just pour my heart out completely… there’s no time for that on here. Tomorrow is day 3 and I’m speaking!! AH! So I have to go continue prepping!! But before I do that, here are my top 5 things that I’m come to realize over the last 48 hours.

Let the list begin! :

  1. Leadership does not have to be lonely!
  2. Community is one of the greatest gifts in a photographer’s life. We live very secluded lives during the week and so the community is what keeps me going sometimes! I SO appreciate these girls!!!
  3. Chickfila sweet tea CAN get sweeter!!! It’s definitely sweeter here in GA!! :)
  4. Grace is something that I often forget that God loves to offer us! Thank goodness!!!
  5. No matter what we accomplish… or what we strive for, it’s never going to be perfect.. and it’s never going to be ENOUGH! This is why we need Him!

So if you’re out there wondering what all of this is about, you have to check out the website!! And if you’re a girl, I hope you join me and all of these other amazing people NEXT year! I look forward to this year round!! Website HERE! 

xoxo, Katelyn
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