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  • The P31 Conference


may be a part of the wonderful Facebook group for female photographers that is Pursuit 31.   A year ago, this group was just beginning and since its’ launch, it has exploded! Women like having a place to connect and share about their lives, their faith and their businesses.  Karen Stott headed up this group and has become a sweet friend over the course of this year and I’m so excited for her as she branches out and pursues BIG dreams and all that God has for her. When she contacted me about the Pursuit 31 Conference I was incredibly honored and somewhat confused.

I wanted to say “Wait? You realize you’re contacting a 23 yr old woman who just got married and has limited experience with life, marriage, balance and running a business right?!” Karen was so sweet to ask me to come on board and I couldn’t be more excited to talk about my brand and my Savior! YESSSSSSS. This. is. going. to. be. awesome.  And have I mentioned the other amazing women who are speaking? Ummm…. woah!!!! So fun! This is going to be an amazing experience and if you’re a photographer and want some more information, you can find all the info you need right here:  If you had even the slightest interest in going… DO ITTTTTTT! I’ll see ya there! oct 1st – 4th in the beautiful state of Georgia!! Woohoo!!!

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