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….it’s such an important part of my life right now…. or at least it should be. There are so many different things going on.  Paperwork is everywhere!  Client invoices, loan documents, wedding receipts, thank you cards to write (from GRADUATION!)…. it’s all adding up and my life and my business are starting to blur. I have a business to run and weddings to shoot every weekend until September. I also have a wedding to plan… a LARGE wedding to plan and a ton of vendors of my own to keep straight! whew! Like I said, it’s all running together.  The numbers, the papers, the to-do lists! I needed a good way to separate all of my “to-do’s” so that I can…

actually have a workday break up “My Life” and “The Business”.  So! Where do I turn for help?  Martha Stewart of course!! (Ps. just a little background info, I love my Martha Stewart Living Mag that my future mother-in-law has been giving me since HIGH SCHOOL! There are so many fun ideas in those things! Thanks Bobbi!!)


Martha’s  home organization line is AWESOME! It’s cute and modern and seriously makes me want to organize my life and color code everything! It’s bad though. Just because a trashcan is cute, doesn’t me I NEED it! I bought this little notebook years ago. I didn’t need it. I just wanted it because it was cute and really, if Martha said it was a great organizational tool, I probably should have it, right?!  So it has been kept in storage all throughout college.  (I actually have like 3 of these things. All different brands, all different colors! This one just happens to be the best!) It sat in a drawer with a million other journals and notebooks that I bought just because the “cuteness” factor overwhelmed me and I never touched it….until now.  I recently found this little guy tossed in a box from college. I pulled it out and began organizing my to-do’s side by side and I categorized them as “Business” and “Life/Wedding”  (because wedding planning has become me life recently!).  This new organization system has been working well so far and love it so much that I thought it deserved a “Good Things” post of its’ own!


So if you are a planner and an organization guru… leave a comment and let me know how you keep YOUR life straight!! Happy Monday!

Haha, and as you can tell, I can only handle one day at a time! I plan as I go….planning ahead is my next goal!

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