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Well, this is embarrassing. If you’re a loyal blog reader, you’re going to immediately know why I’m embarrassed! A few weeks ago I shared my new KJ EDUCATION site. But can I just be honest???? It wasn’t good. Sure, it was pretty… and it was semi-functional… but it wasn’t good. It wasn’t what I wanted or what I envisioned. I don’t know what I was thinking!!

This was my thought process: I need a home site for ALL of my educational resources… I want it to be easy to update…. I want it to be functional… I want it to be professional. So what did I do? I created a “pretty” site that was halfway completed and I launched it without putting in the HARD work….. and I wasn’t happy with it. This is where my type A, perfectionist self starts to take over. I decided that I wasn’t happy with this and I wanted to start over… and so I did.

Two weeks ago I started creating a BRAND NEW KJ Education site! Little by little, I created a whole site that is dedicated to everything educational that we offer!!! It was a labor of love but I’m SO happy with it and I hope you love it too!!!

But that’s not the only exciting thing about today! We’re actually announcing that we have SEVEN SEATS LEFT to our LAST WORKSHOP of 2015!!!!! GAH! This workshop is unlike ANY workshop we have done before! It’s a destination workshop at Big Spring Farm in September! If you want to know if this workshop is for you, check out the BRAND NEW workshop page  on the KJ Education site to read through a list of qualifying questions!!!

Ahhh! What a DAY!!! Enjoy perusing this BRAND NEW SITE!! Gah!

** EDITED TO ADD: The Workshop for Sept 2015 is not sold out **


xoxo, Katelyn
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