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needed a new camera bag for engagement sessions for a LONG time. My old one worked but the edges were peeling up and the way it carried on my shoulder wasn’t ideal. I would sit it down and it would flop over, making it really easy for lenses to roll out. I was just really ready for something NEW. However, I have spent HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS on camera bags in the last 6 years and I wasn’t about to pour more money into something that was only going to last a little over a year. If I was going to spend upwards of $300 on a bag, it needed to be THE ONE!

Ladies, we all know what I’m talking about. You all have that favorite pair of pants that fit you no matter what day it is and you look killer in them. We also all have that go-to shirt that we’ll wear until the sleeves fall off because we adore it THAT much! I wanted that in a CAMERA BAG! I wanted something durable, classic, stylish and most of all, FUNCTIONAL. So even though I have needed a new bag for a long time, I didn’t buy one. I watched and I waited. I waited for TWO YEARS actually! I wanted to make the right decision and I wanted to purchase something that I knew I would be happy with.

ONA bags have been catching my eye ever since Jasmine Star blogged about them a long time ago! The Brooklyn was stunning and I almost invested in that one as soon as I saw it but I didn’t. I knew it was too small for me. I like to shoot engagement sessions with four different lenses and so I needed something larger. Eventually some of my girlfriends in the industry started investing in their own ONA Camera Bags and I asked their opinions. Even though they were all thrilled, I still waited. I wanted to see if these bags LASTED because in the past, that has been my downfall. I have had bags that have been functional, but they haven’t stood the test of TIME! They have all had about a 2 year lifespan and then they look junky and torn up. When you’re charging for high end wedding photography, I don’t think it’s the best presentation of our brand to have a camera bag that is falling to pieces!

So this fall, I took the plunge! After looking at our calendar for October and seeing that I was going to be shooting 12 Engagement shoots, I decided that it was time!! It was time to spoil myself with a new camera bag!!!! It’s amazing how much a bag can inspire you!! I ordered the THE CAPRI SHOULDER BAG in Antique Cognac and I’m obsessed!!! For those of you who are in the market for a new bag, here are some things that I love about it and my initial review of the bag:


  • It’s durable! You can just feel how well made this bag is. It has a tough aspect about it that I love because this is what my past bags have lacked.
  • It’s classy! It looks good with everything that I wear and it’s a great representation of the sophistication of my brand. It also looks like a really cute PURSE… which I love!
  • Shoulder Straps! I don’t have very wide shoulders but yet this bag stays on my shoulders while shooting and I love that! It has a great handle design! (It also has a full length shoulder strap if that’s what you prefer!)
  • Inner-Compartments! The inside of the bag is tough and durable. There are 4 sections to hold lenses and the dividers are sturdy and thick! There is also a space for an iPad or smaller computer on the side.
  • It Stands Up! I like sitting my bag down sometimes and it’s so night that this one doesn’t fall over!
  • REAL LEATHER! This is one of the reasons it’s pricey… but it’s worth it! I’m still getting used to the fact that this is a rustic leather that is supposed to look a little worn… but I honestly don’t mind it because I’m just so happy to have REAL leather that will LAST! I’ve owned so many pleather bags and boots over the years that have consistently fallen apart that I’m ready to just invest in the real deal and use it forever!!
  • It’s Functional! This bag makes it so easy to change lenses! (And I change lenses like nobody’s business!) I needed a bag to be functional in this department and The Capri is perfect for me. It’s easy to swap lenses in and out of the interior compartments and it’s easy to reach in and out to find what I need quickly.
  • It’s Safe! This bag is HEAVILY padded. I leave my lenses in this bag without caps on them while shooting and have no fear about them getting hurt! I also love that this bag doesn’t look like a typical camera bag. I don’t want to advertise to the world “Hey! There’s a lot of expensive stuff in here!!”. I like that it looks like an everyday tote bag!


  • The price. It’s quite an investment! However, I have spent this type of money on several other brands in the past and nothing has compared to this type of quality. I’m OK with spending $350 on a bag if I get 5 years of use out if it!
  • The Size. If you only shooting with one lens, the Brooklyn may be a better fit for you! This is a larger ONA! So make sure you review all of the size options before investing.

If this was helpful in anyway, please SHARE it! I know that I have been searching the internet for reviews about all types of bags and it was so helpful to read about other’s experiences! So if you know of someone that could benefit from this ONA review, pass it along!! :)

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