October 2012

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sad when something happens and part of a coaching session gets rescheduled. However, I realize yesterday that it actually worked out quite well that Brittany was sick and had to reschedule because instead of taking pictures of her coaching partner… she had to take pictures of me! You should feel sorry for her because my model face doesn’t come as easily as it should! haha So a big thanks for Brittany Claud for this pic for September! And ps. can we just talk about how awesome the natural light is in a parking garage?!! Really, who knew?! I shoot in that parking space so much I think they should make it permanently mine!

So here we are… OCTOBER. This is beyond crazy to me. September flew by at a record pace and a now we’re entering into a month that involves my anniversary. It’s been TWO YEARS SINCE I GET MARRIED?!! WHAT?!! They weren’t kidding when they said the first 5 years would be a blur! WOW. Two years…. not only have I been MARRIED for two years but that also means that I’ve been running this business FULL TIME for two years. No school, the class, no distractions… just my business. It’s been nice and I’m SO thankful for where I am.  That didn’t happen by my own doing… the Lord has had His hand in this crazy dream from the beginning and I’m excited to use it for His glory this coming week!! The reason this post is a few days early is because I’m headed down to Georgia for the P31 Women’s Conference! I’m speaking twice and to say I’m nervous would be an understatement. Petrified might be a better term.  Ok, not really petrified… that was an exaggeration but I’m a little anxious!!! I’m working on my talks and packing and prepping for tomorrow’s wedding ALL day today!! So wish me luck and here’s October 2012’s SNAPSHOT!


Things I’m looking forward to:

– November 17th… when I’m officially on a break….ok I know that’s not an October date but I’m still excited about it!

– I’m shooting 6 weddings in October… yikes! But they’re all going to be awesome… just saying:)

– Engagement session overload! Tis the season to want your engagement pics done! I understand this completely. The leaves will be changing and everyone with a spring and summer wedding wants a fall e-shoot! So I’ll be shooting quite a few this month!

– Next week! P31!!! It’s happening and I’m excited…. and nervous. :)

– I come home from p31, shoot two weddings and then leave for a little getaway for our two year anniversary!! It’s a 5 day cruise and I’m soooo looking forward to it!!!!! Nothing like a little vacation in the middle of the busiest month of the year! I can’t decide it that was super smart or really dumb. haha We’ll see how much work I have waiting for me when I return!

– Halloween! The only reason I’m excited about this is because we’re most definitely getting Bokeh a costume!


Business Goals:

– The blog is getting a facelift… there, I said it! It’s happening…. and I’m hoping it will come to fruition this month…. but if not, it’s not a big deal!

– Shoot 6 weddings the BEST I can!!

– Album edits

– I’m not even writing “work on bridal guide” because there will be no time this month! haha


Personal Goals:

– Keep going to my cycle classes!

– Use my new insulated  CamelBak water bottle and drink MORE WATER!!!

– Do something cute to our pumpkins on the front porch!


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