A Little NYC Adventure

  • It's Christmas Time in the City

This is what happens. We’re hanging out with our best friends Buddy and Jill and we come up with crazy ideas. For example, we were in New Jersey this past weekend at Buddy’s family’s house and Jill and I found crazy cheap flights to Texas for like $35! So we told the boys we wanted to go!!! That’s how it starts. One of us has an idea and then either Michael or Jill find cheap flights, hotels or RV’s and we just do it. These aren’t extravagant trips or adventures but they produce memories that we’ll cherish for a lifetime!!

We recently blogged our camping trip to West Virginia! This little trip I’m sharing today wasn’t quite as rustic, but it was equally adventurous! Michael and I drove up to New Jersey on Saturday and spent the night with Buddy’s family! They were so sweet to us and made us feel like a part of the family! We celebrated Buddy’s granddad’s 92nd birthday and then the next morning we took the Ferry over to NYC!

Michael found us a cheap hotel in Tribeca and so we crammed in one tiny room at the Double Tree! We didn’t care about being stuck in a small space together, we’ve experienced that before and still remained friends! haha (Remember the RV trip?!) We took our stuff to the room and then toured Freedom Tower and it was awesome! That was Michael’s one request. Then we went to The Meatball Shop! (That was Jill’s request) and then we walked around and ended up in a park where we spotted Julia Stiles and creepily followed her down a few streets. Then we found our way to 5th Avenue and went shopping. The boys were very patient! After that, we made our way to Times Square and grabbed some appetizers before going to Hillsong’s evening service! We loved getting to experience church in NYC and after we left there, we ate dinner at Ellen’s Stardust Diner. Easily one of the best decisions of the day! We all love Broadway and those waiters and waitresses can SING!

The next morning we ate Breakfast at some little place that was evidently really popular because it was PACKED and then we walked around Rockefeller Center and saw a proposal! Then the girls decided we were freezing and went into GAP and made an impulsive decision to buy coats. Best. Decision. of. the. day. Then we headed to Buddy’s uncle’s office to get a glimpse into what corporate life in NYC looks like!! We ended our little trip with Chipotle in Central Park and a mad dash back to the second stop for the Ferry because we missed the first one!!!

This trip made me so thankful for freedom in our schedules and for best friends who share the same lifestyle as us. Buddy and Jill are two of the greatest blessings in our life and we’re grateful for this season of life that allows us to make amazing memories together!! Enjoy some iPhone images from our time in the Big Apple!!!

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xoxo, Katelyn
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