• Christmas in NYC

while we were visiting my sister in PA, we sat in her apartment around 10:00 at night and her boyfriend (now fiance!) said “Hey! Lets do something crazy and drive to NYC just for the heck of it!” While I appreciated his enthusiasm, I knew that wouldn’t happen that night. We were tired and a spur of the moment NYC run wasn’t going to take place BUT it did start the conversation about how we should make an NYC trip happen sometime!! At Thanksgiving we casually talked about going up to New York for a quick weekend trip but nothing was set in stone.

Last week Michael and Joe skyped and we decided that it was going to happen!! Woohoo! No plans, no agenda, no work …. we were just going to head to NYC after a few engagement shoots in DC and then we’d figure out the rest once we met them in the Big Apple!! The trip got even better when my brother Corey joined us last minute!!!

We arrived in NYC at 12:30am and once we met up with Joe and Emy, we decided to hop on the subway and head to Times Square!! I have to admit that as we walked around the streets at 2am, I did feel like a college student again and it was awesome!!! I was also reminded of college when we decided to push the two double beds together in the hotel room and all sleep together instead of one person having to sleep on the floor! Could we have gotten another room? Sure! …. But that’s not as much fun and we wouldn’t have created the memories of the NYC family sleepover!! :)

The next morning we got up, grabbed breakfast and started exploring! We visited the 9/11 memorial, Central Park, Rockefeller Center and then we did some shopping! Then we drove to West Chester, PA to spend the night at Emy’s place, went to church, saw a movie, visited their apartment they’re going to live in after the wedding, introduced Corey and Joe to IKEA and then we grabbed dinner and hit the road back to VA. Now you may listen to that list and think “Wow, that’s crazy” but really, the CRAZY part was that we did two things you should NEVER attempt 3 days before Christmas…. and that’s  1. Go shopping in a large mall and then 2. Try to shop in NYC!! It was MADNESS!! People EVERYWHERE! Just grabbing a table at the food court seemed like a huge victory!!

We absolutely loved being together and I’m so thankful for this weekend with my family. Enjoy some images of our trip through pictures!! Have a wonderful Monday and happy wrapping!!! :):)

And here are a few highlights I don’t want to forget:

– The boys trying to stand on the subway on one foot without holding on. I’m sure the true New Yorkers were judging us.

– Almost falling down the escalators at Rockefeller … TWICE.

– Getting an $120 meal for $28 because I complained about the poor service… that was pretty awesome!


The view from the top of our hotel in SOHO…. and yes, we were using an iphone “Flashlight” to light these images. Such nerds:) 

Heading to Times Square with all the crazies at 1am! 

Heading out the next morning! 

One of the 9/11 reflecting pools.

Group shot, reflection style. 

I love this bridge!! But I think Ross and Brittany did this better than we did!!! :)

I love my siblings so so much. They are both amazing and funny and just a joy to be around. I’m so thankful for them:)

And then this guy jumped over Joe….

We walked and walked and walked. No wonder all of my NYC friends are so tiny!! :)

Pretty picture of pigeons right? yea, well we quickly realized that we were standing in a hazard zone!!

And this is apparently what happens when you’re exhausted and waiting for the subway! I could get in trouble for posting this for the world to see:) Oh well! 

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