• Baby Julian

did Beth and Eric’s maternity session, I loved the letters she brought to spell out Julian’s name… however, his name was a SECRET and so I had to keep these few pics hidden from view until Julian made his grand entrance into the world a few weeks ago! “Julian” is a family name and I love it! So unique and different. I’m all for names that are not on the top 2011 baby name lists.  Michael and I just are thinking about getting a puppy and I’m already thinking about unique DOG names!! Anyway…little Julian decided that he was ready to enter the world a couple weeks early and surprised everyone!

This worked out well for me because I wasn’t able to shoot his newborn session until he was two weeks old but because he was so tiny at birth, he still looks like a newborn! Julian is such a pretty baby! I can say that name because he’s still young… we’ll change that to “handsome” in a few months:).  But I’m serious, some babies just look so peaceful and relaxed when they sleep…. almost like they’re posing for the camera. Thank goodness Julian has “the look” because we had a little trouble getting him to fall asleep for an extended period of time. However! I’m becoming a pro at shooting newborn session while mom is holding the baby!


Photographers! If you’ve ever experienced a newborn session where the little one just won’t fall asleep without momma holding him or her… there IS hope! ALL of Julian’s portraits in the blanket were shot while his mom was holding him. We just made sure she was a 90 degree angle from the window light and that her clothes were covered up with the blanket! It really worked out well and we ended up with some sweet shots. So! If you’re ever in a panic, give that a try!


Well, enjoy my favorites and be sure to leave Beth and Eric some comment love about how adorable their baby boy is! ENJOY!!!!

And here he is!!!

Awww… baby yawns:)

Congratulations Gambys!

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