The Blog has had a Makover

  • New Year, New Look

definitely a big season for KJP! So many changes are taking place and the most recent change would HAVE to be the blog’s new facelift!! You like?! It’s different but it’s still ME and I love it! Flosites do my blog design work and for those that have been asking about the backend of my blog, it’s wordpress. Basically, I have WordPress with a fancy exterior and a few special features! My FAVORITE feature about this new blog is that viewers have the ability to scan through previews of weddings by clicking “Weddings” on the top menu bar! So thank you for stopping by and if you have a free minute,

I’d love to hear if you love the new “look” as much as I do!! Little fixes are still being taken of but for the most part, it should be up and running for everyone!! I just love the look and feel of the whole thing and I’m so excited it’s finally LIVE! We’re still working on several little pieces but overall, it’s coming together splendidly!! Next step, the WEBSITE! That is on my to-do list this week!! Be sure to check out the “WEDDINGS” link here! 

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