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probably thinking…. “Um Katelyn… are there going to be anymore house pics?! You kinda left us hanging!”. Well, there is definitely an explanation for that. The reason I haven’t been posting new house images is because well….. it’s pretty much DONE!!! Yea. Done. As in, we have running water, electricity, heat/air, flooring… all that is missing are a few pieces of trim. It’s CRAZYYYY!! It went from dirt to our dream home in a matter of three months! It’s just insane. Of course there have been some bumps along the road…. and before we close I’m SURE there will be several more but I’ve been told that is normal.

So the reason that I haven’t been posting pictures is because every day that we are out there, we hear about ONE more thing that will be installed and I think “Well, I’m not going to share images until the front door is painted….or until the grass comes… or until the railings are up!”  Basically I wanted to do a BIG reveal of the front of our new home and today is the day. It’s only one iPhone image but you KNOW there will be more to come! And goodness! Just look at those clouds? We’re beyond thankful for this huge project that God has allowed us to take part in. It’s a little scary at times to think about owning a REAL house…. as my sister likes to call it, a “Big Girl House”…. but I’m excited to see how God uses this building. We built this house for many reasons… one being that we want to have space to open our home up to a lot of people. Our little house has been MAXED out the last 3 years and now we’re so excited to have SPACE!!! Guys, I have a PANTRY! …. and a REAL closet! YAYY!!!!

So I’m just giving you a peak of the outside of the house… we’ll be sure to post more as we start the moving process but let me be honest… there is SO MUCH TO DO! I spend my free time searching for light fixtures, rugs and blinds! Michael spends his free time researching fridges, TV’s and Security systems. It’s a lot to handle but we know it’s going to be SO worth it come the end of May when we close!

So before I go, let me tell you about the front of the house! We’re a little obsessed with it… mainly because this STONE has been my baby the last two months. We had some issues with the wrong stone being installed…. and let me tell you, that wasn’t a fun two weeks.  However, they fixed it and we returned from our trip and LOVED the correct stone! So the garage, and the second story exterior are all stone and the porch is a tan brick. We fell in love with these craftsmen style homes because of all of the different textures! They’re just beautiful! So this may sound strange but while Michael’s FAVORITE part of the front is the porch… my favorite part are the GARAGE DOORS! I just LOVE them!!! We selected a “European” style elevation and so that means we got AWESOME garage doors that look like they are from an old carriage house! We also love our landscaping… mainly because we don’t have to maintain it. This is low-maintenance community…. which is PERFECT for us because really, when do we have time for yard work?! We despise it! So we’re thankful that that responsibility is taken care of.

So what do you think?! I’m so excited to share the rest! Have a fabulous Tuesday!


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