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We arrived to their quaint little neighborhood on Capitol Hill. I’ve always said that I would never live in a location like that because it just isn’t my style. However, when you start hearing about what life is like for other people living in unique areas like this little, it peeks my interest! Michael and I absolutely loved our time up there a few days ago and I think it’s safe to say that we have a much better understanding of just how AWESOME it can be to live like that!

Nick and Laura have a gorgeous home that has a white exterior with light blue trim on the windows and doors. It’s a townhouse that is aligned perfectly with similarly gorgeous home As soon as we pulled up to their place, I saw the DUKE flag flapping in the wind. All of Laura’s emails started coming back to me. I remember her mentioning that DUKE held a special place in their hearts. It was THEN that Michael and I realized “Oh no, the championship game is TONIGHT!”. We didn’t what time the game started but I immediately started thinking of ways that we could speed their sessions up so that Nick wouldn’t have to miss any of it! Luckily, it was a 9pm game and we had PLENTY of time to walk around their neck of the woods and get to know these two a little more!

After outfit numero uno, we decided to introduce Piper into the mix! Piper is a 9 month old chocolate lab and let me say this, she’s a GREAT pup! No barking at all… just a little excitement on the leash! :) Bokeh is the same way. If we’re walking him and he sees something he wants to go, his 4 classes of puppy training go out of the window. We’re working on that but the sad part is that he’s 3 and Piper is still a puppy! She’s the life of the party and I hope Nick and Laura don’t mind but I included a few “real life” dog shots because lets be honest, shooting with a dog is tough AND entertaining!!!

We love Nick and Laura because they have such gentle and soft spoken personalities. After walking to the restaurant where Nick took Laura the night he proposed and hearing about their life on Capital Hill, I left feeling like I had a clean glimpse into their life and I tried my best to capture the essence of it! We can’t WAIT for these two to get married down in Richmond at one of our FAVORITE venus, The Mill at Fine Creek!!!

Enjoy Nick and Laura’s pictures and have an amazing Thursday friends!! 

They are such pros!

Oh the trees! Such a beautiful neighborhood!

Oh I LOVE this portrait!!!! So natural! … Even though there were a TON of people watching them. :)

 Her ring is stunning!

 Piper!!! Such a good girl!

Oh how I love this!


We’re small dog people… but this makes me rethink that! :)

Look at that light!

 Ha! Piper is strong!!

WOW! Laura!! Get it girl!


A favorite!

HA! How cute is this?! Piper was on a mission!

xoxo, Katelyn
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