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saw Tiffany on her wedding day I said “Um, how in the WORLD did you get so lucky?!”.  Tiffany and Nate decided to have a friday evening wedding about a year ago. Little did they know that the weekend following their wedding was going to be hurricane central! WOW! As I read tweets from other photographers about all of their Saturday weddings that had already been canceled, I became so thankful that I was working on a Friday. Nate and Tiffany are SO fortunate that they had clear skies and a beautiful day for their  wedding. The sun was out all throughout the evening and then the clouds rolled in as the couple made their grand exit on BOAT!

Nate and Tiffany are such a laid back couple…. at least that’s what I have observed the last few weeks. I showed up to Tiffany’s home and Nate was there eating Chik-fil-a and playing with their pup, Bailey. I mentioned something like “Welp, are you ready for today?!” and Nate casually replied with a simple “Yep.”.  There’s nothing better than a bride and groom that aren’t super stressed and overwhelmed!


As we prepared for the wedding, Tiffany squealed when the dress was zipped and all of a sudden, it felt real! This was finally happening!! All of that planning and hard work is OVER! I remember that feeling all too well! As Tiffany was waiting for the ceremony to begin, the door to the classroom where were staying opened and in walked her grandma. Grandma took one little at her granddaughter and fell to pieces.  In between the tears she said “Oh Tiffany, you’re stunning”. That statement couldn’t have been more true! I loved Tiff’s “look”!


The ceremony was perfect and the everyone cheered as the couple exited the sanctuary as husband and wife! Woohoo! They were married and SO happy about it!! Nate and Tiffany’s Nautical Wedding was a fun one to capture and I can’t wait to show you my favorites! So enjoy this bayside wedding and be sure to leave some comment love for the bride and groom when they get back from their honeymoon!!

Loved Tiff’s dress!

Aw, Bailey:)


Absolutely beautiful!

So! Can you tell that this is in a preschool classroom? Thank goodness for window light!

The handsome groom.

ha! So cute!


yessss. So classic!

Tiffany you have the best smile EVER.

New favorite pose? Tiffany gets all the credit! She made it look GOOD.

Canvas! Love this one! And the camp was supposed to move those! So glad they didn’t!!

Love these moments!

Not a silhouette type photographer but I couldn’t resist!

And they sailed off! So fun!!!

I have CRAZY eyes in this picture! CNU gals!

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