• Nathan + Connie

I barely knew Nathan.  We had met a few times and had talked camera talk a little bit but that was really the extent of our friendship.  Michael and I attend the same church as Connie and Nathan and so occasionally, we’ll run into them afterwards.  This Sunday seemed like a normal Sunday.  We saw the two of them, exchanged hellos and then left for lunch.  It wasn’t even 5 minutes before I received a text from Nathan that simply said, “I’m going to ask Connie’s dad today!!!”. I think it was safe to say that he was excited…. or nervous… or maybe a combination of the two!  Nathan and Connie have dated for several years and it’s plain to see that he’s crazy about her!


After Nathan proposed, it wasn’t too long before I got the call that they wanted me to shoot their wedding! I was beyond thrilled!!  Over the past few months, it has been such a privilege to get to know these two and grow our friendship! Connie and I are both COMM majors and so we commiserate frequently about Senior Sem and how we long for graduation! (It’s coming!!) It will be here before we know it and so will their wedding!! They will be married mid-September and I can’t wait!!


Before I flew out for WPPI, we spent the afternoon in Norfolk together.  Despite the traffic, it was a PERFECT day! The skies we SO BLUE! The location was AMAZING! And the couple looked GOOD! We started out at Nathan’s friend’s studio style apartment in downtown Norfolk.  So cool!!

Then…. we headed for the roof.  Were we allowed to?? Probably not, but oh was it worth it!


Get it girl!

Where Nathan proposed!

Seriously. Alley’s are AMAZING!

Love you guys! Can’t wait for the 18th!!

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