• Joe + Emily | Engaged Part 1

I can’t decide if this is an easier post to write or if it’s harder!!! It’s easy because this is my sister’s engagement post!!! But it’s hard because I have a lifetime of things that I could say about her!! :) Before I get into how much I love Joe and Emy, let me explain that this was an impromptu engagement session! They got engaged on Saturday and then Michael and I drove up on Monday for a surprise visit! Emy was shocked to say the least! We met Joe’s sweet family, grabbed brunch and then went to campus to meet two of Joe’s sisters!

As we were driving around, we were talking about the leaves almost being gone and Emy mentioned that she really wished that they would be able to have some fall leaves in their engagement pictures. Well, the leaves were on their last leg. There weren’t many left and so we decided to do a quick “engagement shoot” before we lost the sunlight! So at 4:00, Emy threw on a cute scarf and we headed to a random field on the side of the road! I have to say that it was a little weird at first for Michael and I to be showing Joe and my baby sister how to “nuzzle”!!! However, I quickly found out that they were pros at it and it’s really easy to make these two laugh and so we shot a bazillion pics in record time!! This was supposed to be a “Hey lets get a couple of shots for Save the Dates” and it turned into a full gallery of images! ha! I loved it. I loved our whole day with them.  We talked about wedding stuff at brunch and then again at dinner and I started realizing just how AWESOME it’s going to be to have a sister that’s MARRIED!! I guess I never thought about that before! I mean, we can all four go on future vacations together!!! And we might have kids that are close to the same age!!! …. Ok I’m getting a little carried away… but basically, I’m just excited to have something this awesome in common with my little sister. Emy and I are close and I consider her one of my very best friends and so this past week and weekend were filled with so many wonderful emotions! Our family is growing and it’s SO AWESOME!! Joe is just wonderful and the more I’m around him, the more I love him. I have prayed for YEARS for him without knowing who he was and it’s so surreal to look at these pictures and know that God has been preparing him for Emy for a long time. These two are a power couple and they are going to make an incredible team as husband and wife!! I CAN’T WAIT!! What an exciting season of life!!!!!! Ok, so here are a few of my favorites from our 40 minute shoot at dusk!! :) It’s amazing how much we accomplished!! Oh and be warned… this is just one engagement session. Knowing me and Emy, we’ll more than likely be doing this again in the spring just for fun! :)

Love this! 

Both Emy AND Joe have great smiles!! … Which makes this easy on me!

Love this… I’d say you two look pretty good together :) 

My sister is gorgeous… I’m telling you! They’ve got some awesome smiles!

yeaaaa! Get it girl! How come I didn’t inherit this model face?!!

Emy don’t kill me for posting this one. I just love it:) 

I love tall weeds! Always have, always will!



Her ring is amazing!! 

Love these and love them!! So so thankful we had this time together!!!! Leave them some congratulatory love!!


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