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This is something that every photographer has to have… a camera bag. Everyone has their own individual needs and preferences but sometimes it helps to hear a review from someone else to help in your search for the perfect bag! My search started years ago and I actually found a bag that worked GREAT but I was so hard on it that the fabric wore out and the strap broke after year two.

My problem was that I really LOVED that bag but I didn’t want to buy another one because I needed something that was going to LAST! So I searched and I searched but I couldn’t find anything big enough with the options I wanted. You see, I have found my engagement session bag already. I use the ONA CAPRI as my eshoot bag and I love it! The issue is that it isn’t big enough for weddings.

I needed a bag for wedding days that will hold the following:

So during WPPI, I walked past our good friends at Kelly Moore and I spotted my old bag that I LOVED…. only it was in a different material!! HOORAY!!! It was the material that my LIBBY computer bag was in and that bag has lasted FOREVER! I was so excited that my dream bag was available in a different fabric option and I bought it! I’m in love.

This is the KELLY BOY bag! That’s right, it’s for men…. not women. But you know what, who cares! I love it!! And this is why! :

  • It has two strap options! Long or short.
  • It has been redesigned to have a sleeve that unzips in the back to slide onto a roller carry on handle. This is GREAT for the airport!
  • The cover material is durable and super TOUGH!
  • It’s classy!
  • It stands up on its’ own when I sit it down!
  • It’s easy to access to grab lenses!!
  • It has plenty of space for all of my gear AND personal items!
  • A camera body (without a lens) can fit in the outer zippered pocket! So I always have a backup with me!
  • There are rivets on the bottom to protect it when I throw it down!
  • The strap has been redone and it made of canvas with gold clamps.

In need of a new camera bag for wedding days?! Check out mine HERE! 



xoxo, Katelyn
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