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when things just work out perfectly! Amanda and I have been emailing for MONTHS about her engagement and her wedding! We booked and I was thrilled because I love shooting destination weddings. I’ll be traveling to Georgia next spring for their beautiful wedding and I’m so excited to be there! However, it’s always tricky trying to get engagements done when you book a long distance wedding. We had emailed back and forth about the possibilities and then it clicked! I’ll be outside Atlanta at the Pursuit 31 conference! It was about an hour drive for Josh and Amanda and so we made it happen! They met me at Mt. Berry College….

this AMAZING property where our conference was held! It couldn’t have been more convenient for us! They picked me up and we made our way around the property, shooting as much as we could before the sun went down! Water mills, horses, historic churches and rolling hills are just a few of the amazing things that made their way into Josh and Amanda’s engagement shoot! It couldn’t have gone better! I was SO thankful that it worked out and that I had the chance to get to know these two before I showed up on their big day! Amanda is a photographer in Atlanta Georgia and so I knew we would be a great match!  I was right. I love these two!! I may be biased but I think I have the most beautiful clients ever! Seriously! These two are just naturals!! Enjoy a ton of favorites and ps. after this shoot, I’d be ok shooting in Georgia regularly! You GA photographers are so lucky!!


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