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When I first started blogging, I started a series called “Wedding Wednesday”. This series was dedicated to creating content and ideas for brides! I would go to GREAT lengths to create centerpiece ideas and think of new ways to arrange florals! I loved that stuff!! I was in college and my business was just beginning! I was so excited about thinking of new things and sharing them! So my Wedding Wednesday posts quickly became a hit!

If you’ve never seen them, you can scroll through them HERE!  Well, while this isn’t a true “Wedding Wednesday” post, it IS very much wedding related!! As my sister Emy and I planned and prepared to host Morgan’s bridal shower at our new home, it took me back to the original days of my “Wedding Wednesday” posts! I can’t tell you when was the last time that I pulled out my hot glue gun!! We had fun planning this for her!

Emily and I both have new babies and so we definitely couldn’t have made this happen without the help of my momma, Michael’s mom and Michael! They watched the babies while we ran errands, made the grocery list, planned the decor and then everyone helped get the house ready!! I’m not going to lie… we did have a mad-dash right before guests arrived because the babies took longer than usual to eat, and we hadn’t even showered yet! I guess that’s just our new normal! However, despite our new normal, we made it happen!  Emy and I kept “high fiving” each other throughout the shower just because we were proud of our accomplishment! haha

This shower was for our soon-to-be sister!! I still can’t believe that Corey is getting married. He still seems so young to me, but he’s 23 and I got married at 22!! He’s more than ready for this next season of life, and we cannot wait for the two of them to enter into that new season together!! It’s such an exciting time in our family, and now that the babies have arrived we really get to focus on getting ready for the WEDDING!!!

Morgan is a sweetheart and so it was no surprise that she was surrounded by so many sweet friends and family this past Saturday! She’s an answered prayer to our family, and we’re so thankful that Corey will be spending the rest of his life with someone who loves him, supports and encourages his big ideas, and also loves the Lord!!! I don’t know about you… but those are all GREAT things to celebrate!! Enjoy seeing some peeks at our celebration in the images below! And ps. Sorry there may be a lot of baby pics thrown in there… I just can’t help it!

And now onto the amazing food! Chef Emy out-did herself! 

No big deal…. my HUSBAND made this cake! :)

The chef! And her little chunky boy!

Randy and my chunky little girl!

So many sweet friends! 

The men watched the babies while we got started!

Haha! What a little character!! 

Morgan and her sweet sister Perrin!


All the girls!! Plus Micah!:)


Annnnd I may still be rearranging and playing with these flowers!!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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