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I’m introducing you to Ryan and Alina!! These two are going to be married in 2014 and I’m so excited to be a part of this season of their life! When I showed up at their new apartment in downtown Richmond, we talked and got to know one another and it wasn’t long until the topic of Bokeh came up…. which always makes me happy. :) Michael and I are proud puppy parents and we love that other people find him just as cute as we do! Ryan and Alina were about to bring home their first puppy and I remember how exciting that was for Michael and I!

It really made us feel more like a little family having a furry friend running around the house! So last week and this weekend have been full of exciting new things for this couple! Dawson joined their family this weekend and on Thursday night, they learned how to be models! :) …. and they were pros at it! So many exciting things all at once!

We walked around their new part of town and shot their engagement session along the way. I love their classy style and how well they coordinated!! They made alleys, old walls and sidewalks look amazing! I can’t wait to see how gorgeous they look on their big day!! So enjoy some of my favorites on the blog today and have a wonderful Wednesday! I’m off to get a TON of stuff done since we were gone until yesterday! Whew! The busy season has officially arrived.

Love their outfits! 

The whole “walking and kissing” thing…. they REALLY good at it! Most people struggle with this a little bit but not these two! 

A favorite! 

Alina this is one of my favorites of you!

The light peaked out for us for about 10 seconds! :)

Love this too!

Stunning ring!

Another favorite for sure!!

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