The Double Birthday

  • Happy Birthday to Momma & Mike

I may have shared this once before… actually, I’m pretty sure that I have! Oh well, I’m sharing it again! My MOM and Michael’s DAD have the same birthday!!! It makes January extra fun and it gives us something to look forward to after the excitement of Christmas settles down. Because our parents are good friends and we grew up together, it means that we have been celebrating these two birthdays together LONG before Michael and I were even dating!! Crazy!

We’re so thankful for these two special people in our lives. Without Brenda James and Mike Alsop, our life would be lacking a few things…..

– Our lives would be full of chemicals because we wouldn’t have momma’s magic Norwex cloths EVERYWHERE!
– We wouldn’t have a fisherman in our family! On either side! Mike definitely fills that role well!
– We would have a lack of medical knowledge. Momma is an RN and so she’s our medical go-to guru for both sides of the family!!! If you’re really sick, you call momma! She’ll know what to do!
– Our dogs would weigh less because Mike not-so-secretly gives them way too much popcorn and ice cream at night and they love him for it!
– Michael and I wouldn’t have as much musical talent! Whatever little talent we have, we got most of it from Momma and Mike! (Well Daddy can sing too but Momma is the piano player!)
– Life without Momma would mean less labels, more lost passwords and a lot of disorganized chaos.
– Life without Mike would mean less laughs, less guitars and less dog walking!! Noticing a theme? The pups love him!
– Our lives would definitely lack in-depth phone calls. My momma is a pro at remembering EVERY detail of EVERY story and relaying them perfectly. We give her a hard time about it but we love her for it!
– Our lives would be missing out on COFFEE if Mike wasn’t around! Michael and I don’t do coffee… My parents don’t do coffee…. only Mike does real coffee in the mornings!
– Last but not least, our lives would be less full and less complete without these two amazing parents. Michael and I are so blessed by our families. We’re thankful for such wonderful parents and on the 29th of every year we celebrate my mom and his dad!!!

I’m not blogging on Fridays these days and so I had to make sure I celebrated their Birthday a day early!!! So, tomorrow we’ll be celebrating these two special people!!! Happy Birthday Mike and Momma!!! You’re another year young!! :):):)

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xoxo, Katelyn
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