Happy 29th Anniversary!

  • Today is Their Day!

isn’t about weddings… or photography tips… or my business in general. This post is for my parents. They are the two people in my life who have influenced me more than anyone else.  I’ve watched them and have learned from them since I was a little girl.  I’ve watched them as leaders in our church and our community, I’ve watched them run our house and keep all of our crazy lives straight but most importantly, I’ve watched them love and serve each other for 24 years. I didn’t realize it while it was happening but every little thing they did affected me. I grew up wanting what they had. I wanted a husband that loved me like daddy loves momma…

and I want to be able to raise a family and love my kids the way they raised and loved us. Emy, Corey and I grew up watching our parents love each other more than themselves and when you see a relationship like that for 20+ years, you can’t help but desire that for your own life.  I guess that’s why the three of us never really had a bunch 2 – 3 month relationships in high school that just consisted of texting and hanging out at football games.  I think we’ve always had such a high expectation for relationships because Momma and Daddy set the bar… and they set it HIGH! …. And I’m thankful for that. I’m so thankful for parents that have modeled a beautiful marriage for us our whole lives and today, on their 29th anniversary… I just want to thank them.



So Momma and Daddy…. THANK YOU for being an example… thank you for practicing what you preach (literally…daddy’s a pastor:)… and thank you for being committed to loving each other for a lifetime.  Your marriage and the way you love and serve each other has changed my life and has had more impact on MY marriage than you’ll ever know and we’re s0 thankful for that. HAPPY 29th ANNIVERSARY!!  I love you both!!!!



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