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been blown away with all of the support and response to The Collection that was launched a few weeks ago! I still can’t believe it’s LIVE! It’s definitely a learning experience for us! We’re so excited to fill this online shop with a ton of resources for photographers and small business owners! The most surprising aspect of the launch was seeing the explosion of mini-guides!! These are 5 page PDF’s full of educational content on one “mini” subject! I LOVED the idea of these mini-guides and I was hoping that others would love it too! I was right!!

These Mini-Guides were downloaded more than any other product… even the FREEBIES! That tells me that they are helpful and that we should probably make more content available in this format. It’s fast, affordable and these PDF’s can very easily be printed at home and put in a camera bag for quick reference!! So, this is where all of you come in, WHAT DO YOU WANT TO LEARN ABOUT?! We already have a long list of ideas that we’re going to release monthly but I want to hear from YOU guys to see what you want MOST! So leave a comment here or on our Facebook page and let us know what you want to see filling the “Mini Guide” category in The Collection the rest of this year!!

And ps! Here’s a SNEAK PEEK of what will be coming out in August! Be sure to sign up for the newsletter to receive a tip that’s NOT going to be included in the next Mini-Guide! And can’t we all agree that Aaron and Melissa are stunning?! I still love their beautiful winter wedding at the Clifton Inn!! 


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