• Meet Sharon

Have you ever met someone and instantly realized “We were meant to be friends!!!” ? Yea, that’s exactly what I felt as soon as Sharon got out of her car and welcomed me with a huge hug and hello! She’s just wonderful.  We met through facebook. She’s a fellow VA photographer with a huge heart and big smile. I knew from her emails that we would get along because she and I share the same problem of overusing exclamation marks! If you’ve ever received an email from me, you know this to be so true!

Sharon is not only a new photographer friend… she’s also one of my fabulous 2011 brides!! Woo hoo! I couldn’t be more excited for her and her hubby-to-be.  Just hearing her talk about him and they story made me so anxious for their big day! I don’t know if I can wait until 2011!!

Anyway, you’re probably wondering why there is a “Part I and II” for a PORTRAIT session! Welp! There are two reasons. One, I have literally been on the road for 12+ hours within the last 2 days and so I’m a litttttle bit behind but also, this session was so much fun that I can’t help but show you a ton of images! Enjoy and look out for Part II!

How cute is she?! My job was so easy!

Oh. my. goodness. You’re beautiful!

Sharon’s first email to me started off with “Ittt’s Sharrrrrron!” ….. and that’s exactly what I think of each time I look at this next image! ha!

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