• Meet Elizabeth

I knew I would love the Anglins as soon as they contacted me because our mutual friend is Chrissy Duke,  one of my GORGEOUS brides from the spring!  Chrissy and Brandon are the type of people that you just want to be around!  Everyone loves them. Period. So after finding out that the Anglins are long time family friends of the Duke’s, I was so excited to meet them!  I pulled into their driveway in the hills of Sykesville, MD (which is so beautiful!) and I loved what I saw! I couldn’t have asked for a prettier day, location, or model!  Their old renovated farmhouse was so welcoming and the rustic red barn was a prefect backdrop.

It was such a nice change of pace for me to walk around their home and snap away!  Elizabeth you have a beautiful family and wonderful future ahead of you! Goodluck with everything!

I love this next one! Probably my favorite! Look at those eyes! No color enhancement, I promise!

Had to sneak these two in! What a sweet puppy….be sure to notice the little one that isn’t getting attention in the background!

Ah haha! Love it! 

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