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are AWESOME to be a part of…. after they’re done. Before proposals take place I become a nervous wreck!! Why? Well because there is potential that I could single handedly ruin one of the most exciting days in a girl’s life! If I walk the wrong way, don’t disguise myself enough or jump out too soon, the proposal will be affected. It just makes me nervous…. but then afterwards, I LOVE being a part of it!!! :) So I just have to get over my fears and stick it out until the fun part! Travis and Shannon are friends of ours that we’ve known for quite a while. I remember meeting them when they were dating in

high school and thinking “Aw, now that’s a cute couple!!”.  Well, I was REALLY excited when Shannon’s stepmom (my youth pastor growing up) texted me and told me that this day was coming!! I started emailing with Travis and we came up with a game plan! We had a Plan A and a Plan B.  These plans were necessary because he was proposing in Maymont and that is by far the most popular park in Richmond. So when I arrived before they were on the property, I noticed that both Plan A AND Plan B location options were occupied. UGH! I racked my brain to figure out what to do. Travis was texting me to know what plan to go with and so I finally decided that I was just going to go up to some of the people sitting at the gazebo and ask them to move! Bold, I know. So I did just that and then I hid and started watching. Well, unfortunately, there were numerous people trying to take graduation pictures at that gazebo that day! Every time someone would walk up, they would hear a “Psssstt!!!!” from a girl in a hoodie who was hiding behind a bush with a big camera. I would motion for them to get out of the way and with strange, confused looks on their faces, they moved. Well, this worked for a while but then RIGHT when Travis and Shannon were walking up, two people went to the gazebo ahead of them. Travis and Shannon were too close for me to wave those people off but I tried anyway… no success. So Travis stalled and eventually, they were able to make their way down to gazebo and the rest is history!!!

Travis did an amazing job! After he proposed and Shannon was still squealing, he pointed over to where I was and there were even MORE squeals! :) It was so much fun being a part of this surprise!! I couldn’t be happier for this amazing couple!! Here are some favorites from the proposal!!

Love this! 

And then he pointed me out….

Bahaha!! Love it! She’s so cute:)

Love this!


Love them

Congrats you two!!!!!!!!


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