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anyone moves to a new place and starts a new phase of life, they’re always hoping to find someone who will be really receptive and welcoming.  When Michael and I moved to Short Pump, we were praying for just that. We were ALMOST married, Michael was starting a new job and was VERY new to the whole “full time youth pastor” thing, we just bought our first house, and we were starting over in a new church and a new community for the FIRST time in our lives. Uhhhh, we were a little overwhelmed. One of the greatest blessings of this past year and a half has been the support and friendships that we have gained at our new church.

We love this community and we’re so thankful for everyone who has reached out and welcomed us into their lives with open arms. We’re especially thankful for Aaron and Kim. They both work at the church (Kim works with the children’s department and Aaron is the middle school youth pastor) and they have played such a huge role in our life this past year!  They live right down the road and even though we’ve only had one double date to Brewsters, it’s reassuring to know that we have good friends within walking distance!! Michael and Aaron literally work side by side in their office at church and I really don’t know what this past year would have looked like if Aaron wasn’t around to help and encourage Michael. I’m so incredibly thankful for their friendship!! Kim and I helped lead the Youth Production last spring and that’s when I really got to spend some time with her.  It was fun yelling over the kids and trying to come up with hand motions that weren’t obnoxious or cheesy, but the best part about that project was getting to know Kim. It’s a huge blessing to have another young pastor’s wife who has done this longer than I have and understands what it’s like to be married to someone in ministry.


Michael and I are so thankful Aaron and Kim are in our lives. I wish I could say that we’ve had them over for dinner multiple times and I fixed them awesome meals… but if we’re being honest, I’m pretty sure they’ve only eaten pizza at our house! OH! And then there was that one time Michael and I cooked a roast in the crock pot and realized it served over 8 people! So we frantically called Aaron and Kim to see if they wanted to come over! We’ll get better at this “hosting” thing one day:). We couldn’t be more excited for them as they get ready for this little girl to enter the world! I literally screamed when I found out they were expecting! We’re loving all of these friends that are having babies because it means we get to watch and learn for when our time comes…. MANY YEARS FROM NOW!:) Enjoy some of my favorites from their Maternity session that I shot last week.


one of my favorites!!


LOVE THIS ONE! Kim you’re beautiful!

Wait, this is my favorite…

Please LORD let me look cute like this one day when our time comes!! Gosh!

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