The New House

  • Master Bedroom Inspiration

house is really just a pile of dirt right now.  Actually, it’s not even a pile yet… it’s just a lot of land.  That’s it. We haven’t broken ground and yet every time we are in the car, I tell Michael “Lets go see the house!”.  What?! Katelyn, there is no HOUSE yet. What I mean by that is…. lets go drive to the neighborhood….just for fun! …. And we do…. and it’s fun. It’s fun because we’re just so excited for this new phase of life!!  Never EVER would I have dreamed of building a house at 25 but with the market being like it is… it’s a great time and we’re so blessed to have this dream become a reality!!

We’re excited to make this future house a HOME and I may have gotten a little ahead of myself! ….. I’m already dreaming of paint colors and room themes. I may have already purchased some bedroom furniture that’s just sitting in our spare room now! Michael can barely reach his closet because I bought a headboard for the new house and we don’t have ANY storage at the old house!!  Woops. So today, I’m just sharing a little inspiration I collected for our new master bedroom!! I can’t WAIT!!! Let me know what ya think!!

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