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Ladies, don’t worry, this is NOT a new series! Promise!! I don’t even know how all of this started but somehow, all of the guys (the ones that read the blog… you know who you are!) decided that everything on the blog is catered to women.  I didn’t feel like it was the right time to tell them that it’s actually a weird occurrence to find a man interested in following a wedding photography blog!  There are a few guy friends that are faithful followers and commenters and I love them for it.  However, these few guys got jealous that Wedding Wednesday’s are always so girly so they started dropping hints that they wanted a “Man Monday”. Well the hints became more like strong requests and so I promised them a Man Monday post before I graduated! and here it is!


I seriously had no clue what to do for a “Man Monday”! What does that even mean anyway?  I thought about it and really, no creative ideas. None.  Man Monday wasn’t going to happen. BUT! Last Friday, we were all at a Young Life event and we were taking random pictures and I realized just how many shots I have of some of these guys! Over the last four years I have taken thousands upon thousands of pictures of them! It’s crazy! I have external hard drives full of college memories and so I thought I would snag a few of my favorite “guy shots” and show them off on the blog.  And on a more serious note…. this post isn’t just to fulfill my “Man Monday” promise, it’s also a celebration the amazing men that have been a part of my life since my freshman year.  The friendships that have been formed the last four years with some of these guys are irreplaceable and I’m so thankful for them………  annnd I’m going to stop right there because I’m getting sentimental! That has been happening a lot these last few weeks!!!


So enjoy! and all of you Man Monday advocates, I hope you are pleased!! Love you all!!

If you know Stephen, you’ll love how appropriate this shot is. He’s never happy with the way the burgers are cooking.

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