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tax season… a season that we all dread. We have a great CPA that takes great care of us but no one really LOVES tax season. We’re very thankful for a great year financially but we are NOT looking forward to April 15th. Yikes. Anyway! Since we have been gathering records, receipts and documents for our tax return, it reminded me of a purchase that I am SO THANKFUL for!! This past November I was fed up with my laptop. Was it broken? No…. but it was MASSIVE. I bought that 17″ MacBookPro before I entered the “traveling” season of our business.

The apple guy that sold it to me didn’t tell me that it was so heavy that my computer bag would give me back aches and that the screen was so large that it wouldn’t even OPEN on airplanes! There wasn’t enough space!! Now don’t get me wrong… I’m thankful for a laptop that lasted me several years. However, I couldn’t edit on that laptop. The screen wasn’t even close to my iMac calibration. I even calibrated it… multiple times!! It just wasn’t right. For a girl that’s super picky about white balance, this was an issue. I could only edit on my iMac and this past year I realized that this was a very crippling aspect of my business.

So the end of wedding season rolled around and we didn’t have a ton of big expenses this year to help cut down our taxes and so we went to the Apple store. It was time. My mother inherited my mammoth sized MacbookPro and I got a 15″ Retina MBP…. and my life hasn’t been the same. I’m serious. You may think I’m being dramatic here but I’m not!! I’m dead serious. I bought this laptop and it was by far one of the GREATEST investments we made lsat year!! Why? Because I am COMPLETELY mobile.

Ohhhh the FREEDOM!!!!!! I edit, blog, email, design, present, cull, etc on this new machine and I’m in love. Was it a large investment? Yes. But it was a SMART investment. This new computer has given me the freedom to run my business ANYWHERE and that’s priceless. I’m truly in love!! The sad part is that I haven’t worked at my desk in months! I’m actually making myself use my iMac for several hours during the workday just because sitting at my desk makes me feel more productive… but I love that I can edit on my couch with Bokeh on my lap whenever I want to.

Not only is this new laptop great for editing… it’s FAST. Having a fast computer is such a time saver for my workflow and I should have upgraded sooner!!

So if anyone is thinking about investing, I highly recommend the 15″ MacBook Pro! We upgraded the RAM and that was a smart decision!! I’m currently riding to our hotel in Raleigh and I just culled the engagement shoot from this evening. I’m thankful for a husband that has driven thousands of miles for this business and for this new little machine that allows me to GET STUFF DONE!   Ok that is all. Happy weekend everyone!!!!!

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