• Losing My Fairy...

officially finished my whirlwind of travel and weddings and mission trips and vacations.  It’s a crazy lifestyle but it’s what we’re used to it. I remember being in high school and going on a mission trip and then turning around and leaving for family vacation or cheerleading camp the NEXT DAY. So in some ways, we’ve been trained to handle the go,go,go schedule.  What I HAVEN’T been trained for is how to handle  LAUNDRY! … And the GROCERY SHOPPING and the CLEANING (Poor momma, she tried to teach me but I wasn’t interested at 16).  Thank goodness my sister has been around to help keep my life straight this summer!



Emy has been staying with us for two days a week since May and helping out around the house. Some days we call her our personal slave and some days we refer to her as our little fairy. It just depends on the mood:) But in all seriousness, she has been SUCH an enormous blessing in our life and I’m SO not ready to see her move to Philly! Emy is going to work full time with CRU up in Philadelphia for one year and since CRU is a non-profit ministry, she had to raise ALL of her salary before should could leave.


She’s been working, speaking and calling like crazy and I’m so proud of her. In just two months she’s raised $30,000 and she’s ready to start this new phase of her life!! It takes a lot of guts to move somewhere new, not knowing anyone and starting from scratch. I know that God has amazing things in store for her and even though I’m going to miss having a fairy around the house and Bokeh is going to miss his Auntie Em…. I know that this is the right move for her! Everything has fallen into place I just know she’s going to do so well!!!


So we’re excited to send her off in a week but I’m not so excited to have to figure out this whole laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping thing. I can RUN a business… but I’m not so great at running a household! I’m working on my domestic skills. If any of you wise ones have tips or tricks for making me for domestic, your advice would be appreciated by both me and my husband. :):) Happy Monday!

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