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most of you are reading from locations outside of VA….but for those of us on the east coast, can we just all agree that the weather the last 7 days has been RIDICULOUS?! I’m not complaining about 75 degrees….. but when you go from 26 degrees to 75 degrees in a matter of a few days, it’s a bit of a shock for the body. I can feel the sniffles coming on! This morning, instead of heading to the gym, Michael and I took Bokeh Boy on a long walk. It was the kind of morning that smells like rain and is just cool enough to keep you comfortable while you’re trucking along.

Bokeh sniffed everything he walked past…. it’s a miracle he doesn’t rub his nose raw! He was loving it….. and we were too. Who gets to do this?! Who gets to get up and take 30 minute walks with their husband and their puppy on a weekday?! We do. And we’re thankful.  Who knows what our future holds when it comes to careers and schedules and LIFE in general… but for right now , during this season, we get to share life in a whole new way and we love it.  Sure, we’re still getting the hang of it, but so far it’s been amazing. I love not feeling like I’m doing this alone…. and I love that we actually have groceries in the fridge!! Life is good and this morning I was reminded of that.

Today Michael and I will be on ShowitLIVE at 1pm EST.  We’ll be talking about this whole “Husband/Wife team” thing and how we came to the conclusion that this was the right move for us. It didn’t happen instantly… it was a multistep process that involved a lot of thought, research, number crunching and mentoring. So if you’re interested in hearing about that part of our journey, you can watch HERE! Happy Wednesday everyone!

ps. Reason #4356 why I’m excited for the new house…. Michael’s office won’t be on my office floor!! Seriously, this is where he works. Sad, I know. This will all change in June!



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