• It's Launch Day!!!

is a BIG DAY!! It’s one of those days that reminds me that Michael and I are capable of so much more than I was ever able to do on my own. It’s a day that reminds me that projects that seem too complicated and too overwhelming really aren’t that far out of reach if you are dedicated to it….. And last but not least, today is a day when I mark a giant bucket list item off and CELEBRATE! Today we are announcing the opening of THE COLLECTION By: Katelyn James… and online resource for the growing photographer!! We have a SHOP everybody!!!!

For so long, I’ve wanted a place to offer ALL of our educational resources. Links to workshops, coaching and PRODUCTS! This is a whole new world to us! We’ve offered workshops and coaching for years now and we’ve realized that even though they sell out every time, there are still photographers around the world that we will never be able to reach and teach in person. So The Collection is our solution! With this online shop, we’ll be able to share resources with ANYONE! We’re SO excited!! Here are some of the main things we’re looking forward to! :

  • I love designing and so I can’t WAIT to create more Mini-Guides! These are 5-6 page PDF’s that help photographers with all different aspects of their business! They’re affordable, informative and down right cute if I do say so myself! :)
  • We’ll be offering something new EVERY MONTH in the shop! We’ll be announcing these new products and free resources through our monthly NEWSLETTER.
  •  The Bridal Guide is available in 3 variations!!! There’s something for everybody!
  • We have a Collection called “Photog Freebies” that we’re so pumped about! We’ll be adding to this more and more in the future!
  • We are going to be offering Business Organizational Resources as well! We’re starting with the “Desktop Organizer”!
  • I think The Collection looks pretty legit! Michael did all of the research and helped me set it all up. He’s responsible for so much of this project and I couldn’t have done it without him!! #teamworkmakesthedreamwork
  • We’ve announced TWO WORKSHOP DATES and FALL COACHING DATES! All of this signup information can be found through The Collection shop!

And like any new store, we want to celebrate our FIRST DOLLAR MADE! So congrats to Brittany Sain!! She was our first customer and she’s going to get a FREE BRIDAL GUIDE PDF! Thank you Brittany! I feel like I should frame a dollar in my office with your name on it! :)

So are you READY FOR THIS?! You can view The Collection HERE!!!! Happy shopping everyone!!! And please, let us know what you think and share if you’re a fan of it!!!

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