It’s Launch Day

  • Introducing the New KJ Look & One Incredible Giveaway

Today is the DAY! We made it!! After a long week of prep and the hard work of Jen Olmstead and Flosites have made it happen! In case you haven’t noticed from my instagrams this week, this isn’t an easy task. Re-launching your entire online presence is no joke! We are thrilled that it’s done and we’re so thankful for all of the amazing people that make it happen! I’m going to go ahead and thank them right now because they deserve an insane about of recognition and praise!!

– Michael : I’m sorry I’m not the nicest person in the world when I’m stressed. Thank you for your patience, support and opinions that are focused on functionality and not just the “pretty”.  Jen and I appreciate your input!

Jen : Man oh man! What a journey! You are one insanely talented woman! I knew years and years ago that it was going to be my goal to work with you one day. It’s kind of surreal that that actually happened and I now have a Jen Olmstead masterpiece of my own! Your eye, patience, positivity and vision are exactly what I needed. I had no idea just how much I needed help with this stuff until we started getting into the nitty gritty of the design. You amaze me with your ideas and ability to work your magic to fix ANY issue. I’m seriously SO in love with everything and I have you to thank!!! You are my dream designer and you went above and beyond what I could have even hoped for! Michael and I are SO thankful for your time, our design overnight and your commitment to making this PERFECT!

Flosites : Whew! We go way back!! My first REAL blog was created by you guys and I can’t believe how long it has been! I believe this is Blog #3?! I’m so thankful for your continued excitement to work alongside of us.

Tyler Herrinton : This guy. He puts up with my last minute video dreams and always makes them happen! We’re so thankful you’re in our life, Ty!! You made this new brand extra special and we’re SO grateful for your time!!

Now on to the PRETTY stuff!!! We not only have a beautiful blog for you to explore, we have an AWESOME new WEBSITE!!!!! There’s so much to see! Take a few minutes and look around HERE!! I’ll be doing a little post soon about what inspired our new look but it’s not really hard to figure that out….  I mean, has anyone seen my FOYER?! Dead giveaway. :)

Speaking of GIVEAWAYS!!!!!!!! We are not only announcing our NEW LOOK…. we’re announcing the BIGGEST GIVEAWAY of OUR CAREER!!!!!! Watch below to find out what it is!!!

Wedding Collective Announcement from Jill Powers on Vimeo.

I know, we can’t believe it either!!!!! This giveaway is unlike ANYTHING we’ve ever done before and we’re BEYOND excited to be partnering with the following amazing wedding professionals to create “A Wedding Collective Giveaway”!!!  :

Big Spring Farm | Venue

Katelyn James  | Photography

Amanda Veronee | Floral Design

Shaina Koren | Videography

Tart Event Co. | Planning and Styling

Paisley & Jade | Decorative Rentals

Emily Hudspeth | Hair & Makeup

High Cotton Ties | Men’s Apparel

Jess Creates | Invitation Design

So know it’s time to not only share your favorite parts of the NEW brand, it’s also time to tell all of your engaged friends that they need to enter to win a WEDDING OF THEIR DREAMS!!!! Valued over $30,000!!!!! ah!!!  Entries are being accepted NOW through FEB 2nd! You can enter the competition HERE!!!!

** A HUGE thanks to two of our best friends and favorite “big dreamers”, Bud and Jill. We are so thankful for your friendship and BIG ideas! So excited to see this one come to life!!! **

xoxo, Katelyn
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