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been unseasonably cold here in VA the last few weeks. It’s strange! When I woke up at 6am to get ready for Cody and Mindy’s early morning shoot last Saturday the temperature was in the 40’s!! What?! In MAY?! The weather has been so strange. I’m not complaining though because I’ve heard that once the weather is warm for good, that’s when the cicadas are coming out! If you’re not on the east, you probably have no idea

what I’m talking about… I’ll have to fill you in later. It’s a strange phenomenon that’s about to happen on the East coast and I’m praying it doesn’t interrupt our summer weddings!!

So it was last Saturday morning and I was up bright and early to drive to Mindy’s house. You know when you see pictures of people and you can just tell that they are super nice? Yea, that’s how it was with Mindy and Cody! I could just tell that they were such a sweet couple before we even met! Mindy was a little under the weather but she was still as cheerful as ever… even in the cold!! These two are just adorable and I loved getting to know them last weekend! Their wedding will be here before we know it and it’s going to be spectacular! You just wait! :)

So enjoy some of my favorite images of these two! They are such good sports. It was so chilly and yet they never complained!! Enjoy!

So cute!

Love this!!

Mindy you’re gorgeous!!

The image on the left is a favorite!


Model status!


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