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are moments when all of the pieces just fall together…. perfectly. This past Friday was one of those moments. Matt and Samantha are getting married this spring but between Sam’s intense class schedule and Matt’s military schedule, scheduling an engagement with their east coast wedding photographer proved to be quite a challenge!! Sam is in VA and Matt is stationed in San Diego and they are pros at the long distance relationship thing. As Sam and I were emailing

about possible dates… I casually mentioned “Well this is a long shot but we’ll actually be in Southern Californian in February! Maybe we could shoot them there when you’re visiting him?!”. It was a perfect plan!! Michael and I flew out a few days early and made it happen!! Thanks to my LA coaching gal’s suggestion, we found the most amazing location! Rocks, cliffs, beaches, palm trees! It had it all!! We met up with Matt and Sam and loved them immediately! They are the type of couple that you meet and love instantly. Between Matt’s awesome sense of humor and Sam’s sweet smile, we connected immediately and I just loved our time together!

These two… gosh they are awesome! They were literally climbing rocks in bare feet! I think after you see their images, you’ll agree that their adventurous engagement shoot was SO worth it!! We cannot WAIT to celebrate with them in a few short weeks in VA!!! We loved pretending to be Californian photographers for the day and I hope you all enjoy this fun post!! Happy Thursday!

Look at those smiles!! 


These rocks! I could have stayed here all day! 

One of my favorites! 

Another favorite!

Ha! Do you see our two friends on the right?! They wouldn’t leave!! 

Oh the light!!!

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