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entered the industry, there were things that were “cool”… and the “in” thing to do. One of those things was to buy a Shootsac and a cover to go with every outfit! Yes, Jessica Claire got a lot of money from me my first year in business because I was OBSESSED! I still LOVE my Shootsac and if I’m “light” shooting… like for fun or on a trip, the Shootsac may come in handy again. However, as I started to mature in my photography and I had a shooting style of my own, I realized that the Shootsac probably wasn’t the BEST bag for me! It’s a GREAT bag for photographers that don’t use the 85 1.2 or don’t like


to sit their bag down and who don’t carry more than two or three lenses at a time. I was doing the opposite of everything I just mentioned. I fell in love with the 85 1.2 the summer of 2010, I like to use my hands and talk when I shoot so I’m constantly sitting my bag down and when I start on a wedding day, I like to have my 50 1.2 on camera, 35 1.4, 85 1.2 and 100mm macro. Has anyone ever tried getting an  FAT lens like the 85 out of a Shootsac sleeve FAST? It’s embarrassing. I also love to carry (depending on the circumstance) an extra body with me so that I don’t have to run to my BIG bag in case of an emergency. You can’t accomplish all of this with a Shootsac. I ALSO carry my phone, keys, advil (just in case), a snack, extra batteries, card keeper and lipgloss in my bag too! I needed something different!  This is where Kelly Moore comes in. I walked past her booth my 2nd year at wppi and drooled a little.  Then I hosted the Sugar Shoot and the attendees surprised me with my FIRST Kelly Moore bag! It immediately became my travel bag because it’s the PERFECT size for that! Then I realized I wanted one for weddings. I wanted to make a switch and I’m glad I did. I ordered the Classic in grey and I LOVE it. Absolutely love it. Here’s why! :


– It stands up on its’ own! So I can sit my bag down constantly!
– It’s cute
– It has GREAT, easily accessible front pockets
– It has a LARGE back pocket that can easily hold a camera body
– Did I mention it’s cute?
– Comfortable shoulder strap
– Holds 4 lenses EASILY
– adjustable compartments inside


It was a little pricy but most nice things are. I really have enjoyed this bag and the freedom it gives me! I would recommend Kelly Moore to anyone! I also have one for my Laptop and it’s PERFECT as well!! So if you’re in the market for a new bag (I mean lets be honest, what girl isn’t in the market for a new BAG?!)…. this may be it for you! There are SO many options and colors! Happy Shopping!!


And ps, if the bags weren’t awesome enough… Kelly Moore herself has an incredible story  to share. Michael and I ran into her on the tradeshow floor. I thanked her from sponsoring The Workshop Experience and then we started talking somehow about her family…. and she shared this story. It’s amazing. If you have the time… watch it. It will BLESS your heart!!!

Chapel’s Adoption Story | the feature from stillmotion on Vimeo.



Have a GREAT Thursday everyone! I’m off to prepare for a The Workshop Experience tomorrow!! AHH!!!

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