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reminder for ya! Justin and Mary are speaking on Thursday….like THIS Thursday at WPPI and if you’re here, you need to make this a priority. Seriously.  You would be doing yourself a huge dis-service if you choose not to go. This amazing husband and wife team are so passionate about teaching, encouraging and empowering other photographers. They are simply wonderful.  This morning I spent a few hours with them at their shootout here in Vegas and I can’t wait to show you some images. They definitely challenged us. We all had the opportunity to work one on one and direct the couple and as much as I tried to refrain from squealing,

However, I’m sure I embarrassed myself a little bit with a few shrieks of excitement… just happens when.  Jeremy and Ashley were awesome models and I LOVE connecting with new friends here in Vegas! Enjoy this little sneak peek and REMEMBER…..Justin and Mary…”How to be a Rainmaker: Ten Tips to Turn the Tides” 9am Thursday morning in Room 310….Don’t miss it!

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