A University of Richmond Shoot

  • Meet Julia

each senior shoot that I do, I feel older and older!! When Julia first came into my life she was in her freshman year and I remember thinking to myself “Wow, when that class graduates, then I’ll feel old!!”… Welp! It’s true. I feel like time is going by faster than ever!! I always wonder if the seniors feel like time is passing quickly or if it’s just me!! I think whenever you’re busy, time seems to pass more quickly. So because of sport schedules, hard classes and college apps that are due, I’m sure this year is flying by for Julia!!

Pretty soon Julia will be a freshman in college… chasing her dreams and creating a brand new life for herself! I couldn’t be more excited for her!! She’s a sweetheart and ever since I met her, I’ve loved being around her.  She’s so easy to talk to and I have loved getting to know her over the years. My memories with Julia in include some Starbucks dates, some tennis matches, random roadside photo shoots when we were supposed to be going to a retreat and much more! It’s going to be weird not seeing this girl around next year but I couldn’t be more excited for her to enter her college years!! Enjoy some of my favorites and kudos to Julia for doing her shoot in RECORD time! Because of the time change, we were racing against the sunset! It’s AMAZING what we accomplished in 40 minutes!!!!! Love you girl! I’m so excited for you and I loved our time together last week!!!

Definitely a favorite!!

Watch out girl, I’ll steal that necklace! 

So classy! 

Love the TEAL!!! 

Another favorite!!! LOVE the composition of this! 

We found trees with a little bit of color left!


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