• JR + Sarah | Proposal

I have found myself doing these shoots quite often…. I’ve actually done 2 in the last 10 days. PROPOSALS. YIKES! Talk about a nerve racking job!!! Jr is one of our good friends and so when he asked if we were available to document this, we told him we would love to be there. It really is an honor to document a proposal but GOSH it’s scary!! Picture this…. Michael and I are waiting in a little parking lot on the side of the James River anticipating JR and Sarah’s arrival. One downfall of having red hair is that it’s VERY noticeable. So in situations like this, I have to be covered up.

The last thing I want is for Sarah to see a redhead sneaking around in the woods. She would totally know what’s about to happen! So I have my grandma’s scarf wrapped around my head like a turban… which is probably even more suspicious considering that I was also wearing riding boots and a teal shirt. I didn’t think that part through. Anyway, we were hiding in my DAD’S car because I didn’t want them to recognize our Toaster.  We hid in there until they parked and we saw them walk to the beach. I snuck out of the car and ducked behind a pickup truck because I noticed Sarah had started to walk in my direction!! AHH!! I was greeted with a low voice that asked “Wacha taking pictures of?” The owner of the truck that I was squatting behind was an old man in overalls and he was watching all of this unfold from his drivers seat. While ducking and glancing back at the beach, I whispered “Someone is getting engaged!”.  He immediately said “Well congratulations to ya!!!”. I didn’t even try to set him straight. I just ran for a thick pine tree and hid behind it as fast as I could!! (Please picture me doing this with a scarf turban on my head and camera in hand…. it’s hilarious).

I got to the pine tree at just the right time. As I was figuring out settings, I heard JR start talking. I peeked around the tree right when he was getting down on one knee and the rest is history. WHEW! One more mission accomplished! After the squeals and “OH MY GOSH’s” from Sarah, JR pointed me out in the woods and she screamed again! It was such an honor to be a part of this.. turban and all. JR and Sarah, we’re so excited for you guys and this new journey together!!!! Love you both!! xoxo

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