• Joe + Rebekah | Part II

As Rebekah began to get ready, she tried to get a look at Joe as she peeked through the multi-paned windows of St. John’s Episcopal Church.  This church was so old.  It creaked with every step but it was also filled with an abundance of character.  It was the perfect setting for Rebekah and Joe’s ceremony.  Formal, yet simple. Classic, yet unique. Nothing extravagant.  It was so apparent that Rebekah just wanted to become Joe’s wife and start a new life with him.  That was all that really mattered.  I’m convinced that if the flowers were the wrong color, the ceremony was off schedule, and it was storming outside, Rebekah would not have cared.  She just wanted to marry the love of her life, her best friend.  If the flowers looked gorgeous and the ceremony ran perfectly, well, that was just an added bonus!


Rebekah’s simple, genuine spirit makes it so clear why Joe would fall for her.  She’s so pure at heart.  As I witnessed that two of them become husband and wife I couldn’t help but tear up…. just a little!! Give me a break! This stuff if so precious! Marriage is PRECIOUS! And when I get the opportunity to watch a new one begin, where the Lord is the center of it, it rocks my world.  What a beautiful experience to be a part of.  It was such a privilege to capture Rebekah and Joe’s love for one another a couple weeks ago.  I loved every minute of it!!


Rebekah and Joe, I wish you the VERY best in your new marriage! God bless you! I hope Alaska was AMAZING!

Right picture : Rebekah, you’re stunning!

I love this one! Lines and curves and swirly cast iron gates! It’s perfect!

Beautiful light!

Can’t leave Tappahanock without a river shot!

My good friends Tiffany and Caroline attended the wedding! I was THRILLED! Caroline and I have been best friends for YEARS! I met Tiffany through Caroline during high school and always thought she was just the sweetest girl!  I was pleased to find out that Tiff loves the BLOG! So this one is for you Tiffany! Sorry you had to wait a little while for this post!! :) So good to see both of you!!!

Just had to throw this one in! How cute are these?!!


(Be sure to share their slideshow link with family and friends that couldn’t attend the wedding!)

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