• Tomorrow is "Terrific Tuesday"

HEARD?!!! Tomorrow is a BIG day!! Like, really big…. in more ways than one! …. Actually in THREE ways but I’m just going to share two of them right now! :) I’ll keep you hanging on the third! So tomorrow is TUESDAY DECEMBER 18th!! (For those that weren’t aware)… and that means BIG things because I’m flying up to CT at the crack of DAWN to be a part of J&M’s Showit LIVE event!! Basically, Showit LIVE is a FREE online workshop/Educational Experience that EVERY photographer should take advantage of! It’s FREE information! FREE teaching and FREE inspiration from some of the Industry’s GREATEST leaders, Justin & Mary Marantz!

Photographers new, old and in between…. you should take advantage of this! Why would you NOT want FREE information?! So #1, I’m excited to just BE there!! It’s going to be a blast! Some of the gals in their live audience are close friends of mine and I can’t wait to hangout!! The second reason I’m excited is because I get to TEACH about office organization, workflow and client plus sites… and THEN I’m giving away a FREE workshop seat for my February 8th Workshop Experience!!!  That’s a $750 VALUE!! … For FREE! All you need to do is Tune in tomorrow and we’ll give you the instructions for how to enter to win!!! ….


The OTHER big news is that for the FIRST TIME EVER…. I’m offering a 24 hour SALE on workshop seats and they’ll be $250 OFF… yea. It’s isn’t a joke, it’s really happening! There isn’t an abundance of seats and so if you’re interested, I would jump on this sale ASAP!! Workshop seats are normally $750 and for tomorrow ONLY, they’ll be $500 a piece. You can be on the lookout HERE for the sale to begin!!!



So to recap:


1. Tune in TOMORROW for FREE education with J&M and “The Big Next”.  You can TUNE IN HERE!   Ps. You can even tune in TONIGHT at 5pm EST for the start of the Show!!  If you want to know a little more about the schedule for The Big Next, J&M blogged it today! View it HERE!


2. Between 3-4:30 I’ll be on the Show with J&M and the ShowitLive team!  I’ll be teaching about Office Management and Workflow AND giving away a workshop seat!!


3. Tomorrow marks the FIRST EVER WORKSHOP SALE!!! Tomorrow ONLY, Workshop Seats are $500 (originally $750). You’ll be able to grab your discounted seat HERE!




In other news, if you’re a married photog couple that would love some time to get away, reconnect and learn how to manage your business better as a TEAM…. the Connect Marriage retreat is open for Registration tomorrow!! Zach & Jody Gray are hosting this fabulous event in April and it’s going to be nothing short of amazing!! All the info you would ever need to know if right here! :


See what I mean?! SUCH an exciting week!!!!!!!

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