WPPI 2014

  • J&M Freshman Soiree

this is fun!!! WPPI is going to be a blast but events like this make us even MORE excited to be in Vegas!!! Justin and Mary are at it again. These two. They are just amazing at finding new ways to reach out…. especially to the newer population of photographers!! This year at WPPI, they are hosting a “Freshman Soiree” but it isn’t JUST a meet and greet, it’s an opportunity for everyone attending to be a part of something much much larger than themselves and that’s awesome!

I really wish back in 2009…when I was a new photographer, that I would have had more opportunities like this at WPPI because it’s such an easy way to connect to others in the industry…. in a non-intimidating environment! ha! Vegas was actually SCARY to me at times during my first trip! haha! What a naive southern girl I was. It’s not like I OWN the place now… but I do feel more comfortable at this massive conference because of people like Justin and Mary.…. and events like this. It’s a time to come together, meet others who are newer to the industry and be a part of something amazing. I don’t know what J&M have up their sleeve but I know that this Soiree is going to be used to bless other tremendously and that’s exciting!!

So here are the details!! :

WHEN: Sunday March 2nd, 2014  6-8pm

WHERE:  Location will be emailed out to 50 attendees (Only 50 spots available… so signup asap!) Location will be at the MGM grand.

WHAT : The Soiree is $99 and that $99 is going towards a great cause that you’ll hear more about during their talk on Monday March 3rd at 8:30am! Here’s some info straight from Mary!! “Rest assured that we are not charging you to come hang out with us….that would be super lame! :) 100% of every seat is going to an incredible,INCREDIBLE cause that we are going to be unveiling the next morning, Monday March 3rd at 8:30am, during our Platform talk “A Business Built on Why.”  Those attending will also receive a copy of J&M’s “The Guide”!

SIGNUP: Click HERE to signup!

We’re excited about this!! I mean, who wouldn’t be excited to immediately have 50 new friends at the largest photography convention in the country?! I’ll take all of the friends I can GET! ha! We’re also excited to hangout with our sweet friends Ashley and Jeremy Mitchell!! Love those two!! See ya there!!!


Annnnnnd, you know I have to do this! … Don’t forget! Tuesday March 4th 6:30-8pm! My Talk!! We’ll see you there!!! :


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