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Of course we were running late.  Sunday afternoon, Michael and I were rushing back from Richmond where we had just registered at Crate and Barrel (love that place and if you haven’t VOTED, PLEASE DO! CLICK HERE! We’ll love you forever!).  We were headed to Smithfield to meet Jessie for a quick photo shoot. I desperately needed bio pics (hint, hint … new project…. coming in the spring! Get excited!) and Michael tagged along so we shot some together too! We actually shot A LOT together! We figured we would practice a little bit before we have our real engagement session done in a few weeks by the fabulous Jasmine Star!  No Big Deal:)


So we were racing the sun, trying to use it for all it’s worth and I was reminded of why I absolutely LOVE photography!  It’s just too much fun!  We walked around the cute little town of Smithfield and I was just taking in all in. Beautiful houses, adorable shops and cafes’, it was perfect.  Creativity breeds there! I love it! In the dead of winter, it’s amazing what a cute location and a 60 degree day can do to your well-being! It was wonderful!  Luckily, Jessie let me take some bio shots of her! It was killing me to just be the model for the afternoon. So here are some favorites, followed by some of my favorites of me and Michael!

Aw, look at him! Watch out world when there are two of us!

Here are a few of us! Check out Jessie’s Blog for more!

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